33rd Birthday

Today I wanted to practice simplicity. When I woke up from bed this morning I was grateful to be healthy. I thanked every part of my body for enabling me to experience life in all its forms. I am happy to have legs to walk. I am happy to have a family to love and be loved in return. I am happy to have a home. To feel this way is so liberating. I don’t remember feeling this contented before. A day of reflection of what is and what is not.

On this day I thought of my mother. Because she decided to carry me for for 9 months, I am here today to savor the beauty of life. She raised me to be a selfless person. I owe it to her for the person I am today. For without her guidance and love I might have gone astray. From every cell of my being I thank my mother for bearing pain to bring me into this world. I pray fervently for her good health and I wish her peace in her heart.

Today I am 33. I still have around half a century ahead of me. I am excited to walk the path that God has laid for me. My wish is to do good and give more. When I see the reflection of my child holding my hands while walking and how little she is, a glimpse of all the wonderful years that lie ahead of me comes flooding. I am thankful for this gift of life.

My greatest gift of all

At Ichiban Boshi, Publika

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