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The month of October marked a new milestone in my life. Doing something which I’ve always loved doing. Baking and decorating cakes. And now I have officially turned it into a home-based business. Set up a website, Facebook page and officially marketed my home-baked delights.

Initially, fondant seemed like an uncharted territory but as soon as I ventured into it, it became a second nature. And I’ve never looked back since. I simply love it! My hands seem to be working relentlessly throughout the night decorating cakes. It feels as if a surge of divine power working through my hands and creating marvelous cakes. All the recipes that I have tweaked and perfected over the years became instant hit. The best part of it all is the satisfaction I get seeing my customers marvel and enjoy every bit of the cakes I bake. Using the best ingredients in hand and home-made with love, I am proud to present Mamasitascakes.

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