Magnifying glass & insects

A dead cockroach at the corner of our living room ended up under the magnifying glass for a mini-science experiment. Svadhi enjoyed every bit of the process. She was reluctant to hold the insect at first but eventually relented after seeing me pick it up and place it inside the container.


How did the experiment go:

  • She probed, scrutinized and studied the cockroach and the dead bee.
  • She learned that cockroaches have 6 legs.
  • She marveled and was very intrigued to see the magnified view of every part of the insects.
  • She also learned the use of a magnifying glass.

The bee

Sometimes I think we inadvertently project our own fear to our children. I myself had to overcome my squeamish-of-cockroach reaction before I could demonstrate to Svadhi that there’s nothing to be afraid of a dead cockroach. I also told her that cockroaches are dirty bugs and they carry diseases – so we have to keep our food covered and don’t eat food particles off the floor.

Teaching through experiments and demonstration helps the absorption of information by leaps and bounds! It also makes learning fun.


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