Life of Pi

lifeofpiWhen I read the book for the first time, I thought the writer is a genius. The plot and the story-telling was brilliant! It got me thinking and was swiftly transported to a spiritual plane. I waited eagerly for a movie to be made out of this book. To bring the story a visual dimension. I did wonder if the movie will live up to the author’s brilliant story-telling. After watching it, I must confess that it did. The story-telling and the emotions revolving the story was beautifully captured. Ang Lee nailed it. The visual effects of the tiger on the boat was astounding! I conceded with the fact that the tiger was not real.

Verdict: An amazing story written and captured onscreen. The one that will make you believe in The Source.

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1 Response to Life of Pi

  1. kkomzkom says:

    It was indeed a great show babes. I have not read the book though. Must go get my hands on it.

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