Train ride

It was our first ever train ride – Svadhi’s and mine. We enjoyed every bit of the journey. The scenic landscapes passing us by. The cattle and chicken roaming around in farms. The continuous stretch of palm oil plantations. Everything was so breathtaking. To experience the beauty of our surroundings without the stress of driving and traffic jam. It was a mini vacation on its own. Relaxed and moving at a slower pace. Taking in the beauty around us.

IMG_7472We took the 1.45 p.m train from Woodlands and got down at its last stop at KL Sentral. We booked the berth so that we could take a short nap over the 7 hour train ride.

We walked from one coach to the other while the train was still moving. It was exhilarating! Svadhi was terrified at first when we had to cross over the narrow open-air platform that connects one coach to the other. The wind blowing with the jerks from the moving train – it was fun! By the end of the last coach, Svadhi got used to the shrieks I let out from the excitement and she started enjoying the whole adventure.

We were satisfied with the overall experience of taking the KTM train. The only downside was that there was only a limited selection of food for sale. I would advice to bring your own food and snacks. But the walk from one coach to the other is strongly recommended!

IMG_7482We are already looking forward for our next trip to Singapore so that we can take the KTM train again 🙂


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