Reflections on 2012


It’s that time of the year again. Where we take some time to reflect on the year that had been and draw out a list of resolutions for the upcoming year. I for one have no written resolutions for 2013. What I aspire is to continue savoring the present moment, count my blessings, be of service to other people, and to work towards my dreams.

This year, 2012, had been kind to us -despite its fair shares of tribulations. Working towards one’s goal entails some challenges along the way. It requires a resilient spirit and patience to see it through. This year was the start-up year for our Subway business. It’s rewarding and challenging at the same time. We have come to understand the challenges of running an enterprise. The reward and the stress lies solely on us. We trudge on and bask in the satisfaction of knowing that it will all pay off one day.

Watching Svadhi grow gives immense joy in our life – I can’t even begin to describe. She has brought light and color into our life. I could not ask for anything more from the Lord. She is the best gift. 2012 was the year I watched her grow from a nappy-baby to a potty-trained toddler; from trying to imitate words to stringing full sentences. It has been a wonderful journey. I am looking forward for all the years to come.

This year has also marked the inception of my home-based cake business – Mamasitascakes. I have been baking for friends and family members and have never been happier to see everyone enjoy my cakes. Finally I’ve put my fear of the unknown to the side and set up my own cake business. Doing something I’ve always loved doing. Self-taught, I find immense satisfaction when I see the final product and deliver it to my customers. Positive comments propel me forward and constructive comments had given me the opportunity to better myself. I am very blessed to have family and friends who continue to lend their unwavering support. I can envision of owning my own bakery one day – the one that gives off the rustic and traditional feel when you enter. I want to give my customers only the best. And I want to see the smile on their faces when they take the first bite 🙂

Yoga has been beckoning me for quite some time now. This year saw me embracing the call. And I’ve never looked back since. Practicing yoga leaves me feeling more alive and rejuvenated. I’ve also experienced a clarity in thoughts and actions.

2013 paints a rosy picture, to be embarked onto with a positive spirit. I can surmise that all that lies ahead can be faced with a resilient heart if we are clear and true to ourselves and to our loved ones. Happy new year!

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