Our day out

Today is Wednesday – a day dedicated to Svadhi and I where we go out and have fun. We had a vegetarian lunch at Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie in Tropicana City Mall. After lunch, we passed by a pet shop and Svadhi got to pet some rabbits. She was thrilled to feel the rabbit’s soft fur.


We then went to Carrefour to buy some groceries. There I found an opportunity to show her how to pick onions and tomatoes. Instead of my usual “Svadhi put it back” tone, I gently pointed out to her that the tomatoes she picked are not so fresh. It was amazing how a shift in perspective brought about an amazing opportunity to learn. She was beaming with pride for being allowed to partake in the whole process right from picking out the vegetables, handing it to be weighed and collecting it and placing it back in the basket. She walked back a more confident toddler and learned something about life skills. I witnessed the triumphant look on her face after participating in grocery shopping today. That was a priceless!

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