Practicing moderation

imagesWhen I exercise the one thing that I notice is I will have less tendency to snack on junks. I have a sweet tooth and most often than not I find myself gravitating towards chocolate, cakes and other sinful indulgence. Not all of them but I need to have my fix now and then. After each session of exercise, just the thought of junk food becomes repulsive. I guess that’s when the mind and body is attuned to what it takes to nourish the body.

My policy now has been to practice moderation in whatever I do, be it my diet or exercise. I try not to veer too much on either side of the scale. If I feel like tasting a slice of chocolate cake, I should just stop after the first slice. That’s more than enough for me – which is to taste. I concurred that anything more than that (which is more often than not is borne out of greed) throws the body off-balance. I’ve never felt good after over-indulging anyways. That’s why I love small bite-sized servings of desserts which I can just pop into my mouth and savor every bit of it. And that’s just enough to satiate my taste buds. I conceded with the fact that it’s perfectly alright to indulge in small bites of my favorite desserts now and then. Moderation is the key.

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