My grandfather

IMG_3057For a man his age, his positive outlook in life deeply moves me. He rarely complains. These values are deeply entrenched within me. It still appals me when I watch his own blood relative treating him rudely. How could anyone be nasty to a 80-year old man? However obnoxious he can come across to be, I certainly berate unkind treatment towards anyone for that matter.

The one thing that strikes me the most about him is how he keeps his social network alive. He moves around and makes effort to keep in touch with almost everyone he knows. Thanks to him, we the younger generation got back in touch with our long lost relatives back in India. He goes the extra mile to keep everyone connected.

He never liked troubling anyone. Even it’s not a trouble for us, he insists in taking public transportation by himself. This character of him draws admiration amongst people around him. By his way of life, he taught me that the mind is a very powerful mechanism. He told me once: “Keep the mind occupied with lots of social interactions and intellectual conversations, it will keep you grounded and sane. Sit idly, you will decompose slowly”. How true!

Everyday he makes it a point to call at least one person to ask how they are doing. In a world where real human connections is slowly dying, he taught me that by making effort to  keep in touch via just a phone call, you cheer up not only the person you are calling but also yourself.

He is my exemplary grandfather. He continues to inspire me till this day. I aspire to grow old as gracefully and as wise as him, in my own way of course.

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