Life skills and being thankful

Svadhi watched the whole process in awe – starting with the making of the dough, kneading, proofing, and right up to baking the pizza in the oven. I spotted that as an opportunity to teach her life skills. Basic skills that will groom her to be adept at performing at any point in her life. Basic life skills.

As I narrated to her the whole process of making the pizza from scratch, it dawned upon me on how I can use it as a lesson for gratitude. Saying thank you for having food on the table. Gratitude to have all the limbs healthy and strong to prepare a  home-cooked meal for loved ones. Joy filled every corner of my heart as I watched her savour the meal I prepared – to the very last bite.


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  1. Wah! Your baby is so big already! I didn’t know you were preggo!! LOL! Let me congratulate the both of you as time really flies……I thought I just attended your wedding last year! 😛

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