yogaA few years ago when I hopped on the yoga bandwagon (albeit being a very brief one), it was merely to be apart of what others were doing. More of a fad. So not surprisingly it didn’t stay – in my case the least.

Just recently I embraced yoga full-heartedly – from the soul. The main reason this time being to calm my mind and to strengthen my body; yoga became the right fit for me. Initially I must admit I was struggling. Tara Stilles made it look so easy. Watching her practice yoga on the YouTube built my confidence to a point where I thought I’d be able to do at least half of the beginners pose. Yes I was partially right. I was able to get to a pose only to find myself panting and struggling to stay in that pose for a mere 10 seconds. My perseverance paid off. Over time I noticed my flexibility and strength improve. A pose which was difficult initially became easier over time.

What I love most about practicing yoga is the wave of tranquility that envelops me in every pose I hold. I began to pay close attention to my body and breathing. It became my early morning ritual. Something I really look forward to getting up.

And relish the solitude.

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