Learning through questions


I ask Svadhi lots of questions. Sometimes silly questions. Questions that make her think. She will pause and think and then answer. It amazes me! Some of her answers are completely out of the box. I then realized that the best way to learning is to ask questions. To pique her curiosity.

Ever since watching The Life of Pi, she became very fascinated with hyenas. I asked her “What if the hyena comes to the library?” She answered “No, then hyena will bite people”. So funny! I once asked a question and answered it myself: “What does a cat eat?” “Cat eats fish”. To which she interjected: “No. Cat eats cat biscuit”. That was based on her observation of what Zoe (John’s cat) eats. So much fun asking questions. But the best part is hearing her answers. Totally makes my day 🙂

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