Introvert or Extrovert?


I often ask myself am I an introvert or extrovert? My husband attests that I have a mixture of both personality traits. At times I yearn to be in the company of others and at other times I find myself reveling in the silence of my own company. I have experienced both extremes before. At one point in my life, the absence of real human connections for 12 hours a day was driving me insane. I cocooned myself within four walls and soon began to feel miserable.

On the other hand, being in the company of an overly-excited crowd drains my energy to the point of exhaustion. The flurry of activities around me sometimes can be too much for my liking. A balance is what I strive for now. Being in the company of a small group of close friends whom I can comfortably share my feelings is what I look forward to now. Just cuddling with my husband and daughter also gives me so much joy and contentment.

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