Yoga helps me to stay attuned to my body and notice any stiffness or pain in my body. As I stretch my body for a pose, my mind becomes still and the focus shifts on each muscle that is being stretched. Waking up early in the morning to practice my daily routine helps me to stay anchored for the rest of the day. It’s a dynamic practice with each pose becoming easier with practice. My body takes me to new heights every time I practice.

When I practice I feel my body moving with grace and clarity. It’s a liberating feeling to be synchronized with every movement of my body. Staying in a pose long enough enables me to pay attention to every muscle in my body.

The yoga mat is my sanctuary, a place I find peace and harmony. Yoga helps me to start each day on a brand new start. Before this, yesterday’s issues become the culmination of today – it’s always a carry-forward cycle. With yoga I start each day with a brand new vigor. Each day brings with it it’s own beauty and charm. And after each session of yoga in the morning, I become reinvigorated to tackle the day.

When I wake up and practice sun salutation it gears me up for the day. Greeting the morning with yoga has become the best thing in my life. I become connected with my body. The unison between mind and body enables me to live through each day with grace.

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