My much needed break: 19/5 – 23/5


I sent Svadhi to stay at my parents place in Melaka for the week. Alfred will be away for a business trip in Bintulu for 3 days. And I had some errands to run in KL.

What did I do for 3 days without Alfred and 5 days without Svadhi?

  • Read all the yoga books I had.
  • Did a lot of reading
  • Watched yoga videos on YouTube to my hearts content.
  • Learned and re-learned countless yoga poses.
  • Practiced yoga throughout the day whenever I felt like it.
  • Meditated twice a day for as long as I wanted.
  • Took long showers.
  • Had long naps without a care in the world.
  • Cleaned and organised the closet.
  • Basked in the silence
  • Spent quality time with my husband just talking our hearts out.

I do miss my daughter dearly. In fact my husband and I cried buckets when we left her in Melaka. But I realized that the doldrums of daily routines started to take a toll on my mental health. Being a full time stay-at-home mom, my only focus became taking care of the welfare of my family.  I stopped doing things that makes me happy. I failed to realize that I need some me-time to recharge.

This week, by taking a break and slowing down, I recharged my whole system. An overhaul of sorts. I re-emerged as a brand new person – refreshed and full of life. Taking breaks like this is so good for the soul. I realized then that by taking care and pampering myself I become a better wife, mum and person.

And by the way, the idiot box remained shut throughout my vacation at home 😉

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