Walking the talk


Too often than not we preach endlessly to our children on manners and good behavior. I catch myself doing so too many times. Then I took a hard look at my own behavior. Are we mindful of our own attitude when we are on the road or dealing with an un-empathizing customer service officer or interacting with the poor waiter who forgot our order?

Do we really practice what we preach to our kids? Or do we expect them to be parrots who are merely expected to follow the instructions of its master without understanding the reason? Do I expect my child to follow my orders blindly? Should I expect my child to be so polite in her speech when I myself don’t use the word “please”, “sorry” and “thank you” as frequently as I expect her to do so?  How can I expect my child to adhere to my rules when I myself don’t walk my talk? A point to ponder as a mindful parent.

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