Cherating trip: 15/6 – 17/6

When Shannon asked me if we would like to join them for a beach trip to Cherating, I was elated. It has been a long time since we last went to the beach. Svadhi still has some aversion towards the sea and the sand. This is by far the best group trip we had. We stayed in Ruby Resort. Ruby, the owner of the resort provided us with wonderful hospitality throughout our stay there. It almost felt like home.

Svadhi doesn’t like the sand at all ever since she was a baby. She will squirm and scream when her feet touches the sand. She is also terrified of the waves. This time we let her take her own time to warm up to the beach. The moment she saw the other kids having fun building sand castles and playing in the waves, she opened up – just like that! To watch her play comfortably with the sand was heart-warming. We never expected that she would fit in so naturally.

We met wonderful parents: Shannon and Jack, Wei Yun and Shaun, See Ming and all their amazing children. Shaun’s favorite phrase whenever his kids behave well is “Good job!” It’s so uplifting to hear those words over and over again. Ever since that, I’ve been saying that to Svadhi and watched her confidence soar. It’s so important to praise our kids for the smallest things they do.

I had a nice long chat with Shannon by the beach which re-affirmed my resolve to home-school Svadhi. She cleared all my doubts and fear on home-schooling. I realized how home-schooling is never a one size fits all. My approach has always been free-and-easy and Svadhi is adapting well to it. I once tried to impose a structured learning environment and learned very quickly that it stifled her learning process. I reminded myself that learning is meant to be fun and natural. And then I let it be and watched her blossom into a curious child waiting to devour knowledge at her own pace.

Svadhi learned so much from this trip. She had exposures that she never had before. Throughout the trip she asked us so many questions trying to absorb all the experiences. 

  • She played in the beach so comfortably this time;
  • Learned how to hold a 1-hour old turtle hatchling;
  • Watched a turtle lay eggs by the beach;
  • Released the hatchlings and watched them swim towards the sea;
  • Watch the turtle hatchlings dig themself out of the sand; and
  • Went for a boat ride to watch the fireflies.

Day 1:

  • Arrived Ruby’s resort at 3.30 pm and was greeted by the chirpy owner.
  • Headed straight to the beach.
  • Went to the beach so see a turtle laying eggs and to release the turtle hatchlings into the sea.

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Day 2:

  • After breakfast, we headed straight to the beach.
  • In the evening, we went with Wei Yun and Shannon to the turtle sanctuary to see new hatchlings.
  • Went to the jetty to take a boat ride to see the fireflies.
  • Night walk with Ruby’s dogs.

Day 3:

  • Fun at the goose and chicken pen.
  • Lied on the hammock and watched a pair of hummingbirds build their nest.

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