A change in perspective


Today as I was browsing through my older blog posts, it dawned upon me how my friends form an integral part of my life. I realized that I take extra effort in keeping in touch with my friend no matter how busy life gets.

Of course I also realize that not all my efforts are reciprocated. Then a sudden realization hit me. Not everyone look at things the same way as I do. Every person is unique. Every person that comes into our life serves a purpose. Some of them have been great teachers for me. Every step of my journey is a process of discovery. Of new experiences and new insights. New friends come and some old ones leave. Each and everyone of them have enriched my life in one way or the other.

I love keeping company with friends who uplifts me and brings me closer to my dream. My dream of giving back to the society. I feel anchored and strengthened in the presence of such friends. Such big change it brought. I never would have guessed. A shift in perspective.

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