Today I was having a conversation with my husband regarding our role in parenting Svadhi. He reminded me the importance of not projecting our own fears on Svadhi. Sometimes it’s inadvertently transmitted to the child. Whatever fear we have is instilled in the child by our words, actions and even through our emotions and vibrations. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are doing it.

Is it practical to view the world through a rose-tinted glass or should we armor our child with our inherited and conditioned fear based on something that might never take place? Should the child be inundated on baseless fear at the age where they are supposed to be enjoying the innocence of childhood until it too will eventually recede in the process of growing up? Fear can impede progress and freedom. It can impede confidence and self-worth. It can rob us of our peace of mind. It is destructive. But yet we condition our children with a fear-based world.

I thought to myself: why don’t I equip my child with self-confidence and self-worth and leave fear at the far end of the spectrum. To combat the vicious cycle of fear-transmission, conscious parenting will be the tool. To be present and connected with our own feelings and fear. To observe closely if we are inadvertently projecting our own fear to our child. To pay close attention to everything I say or to observe the unspoken words – my actions and cues. I have to treat my daughter as a blank canvas and decide what picture to paint on that beautiful canvas. A picture that would last a lifetime. A picture that will carry on for generations to come. Such deep folding effects my actions will have on my child. I have to be aware of this.

I believe in the emphasize of skills acquisition, character formation and the building of human relationships rather than the memorizing of facts.

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