Blue sky

clear sky

I never realized I would be so happy to gaze at a clear blue sky. Things that I used to take for granted now has become prized assets. Little did I imagine that the haze would change my horizon. A little Ying is sometimes needed to nudge us to value the Yang, I suppose.

Clean air being the basic necessity of life – when it’s robbed away – I felt suffocated, almost breathless. Having to inhale acrid-filled air, I went berserk. As a person who values health as any other prized commodities, I felt helpless as I watched my surrounding fill with smoke. I wished I had the luxury of flying my family and myself to a paradise island where we can breathe in clean fresh air.

As the smoke filled my lungs, I could only sit and pray for it to be over soon. My reaction may sound dramatic. But that’s exactly how I felt when we were swept by the haze crisis. When the air finally cleared and I stepped out to a clear blue sky, I said a prayer in silent. Thank you Mother Earth, for giving us another chance.

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