Just the other day I was pondering on what it means to be free. Free to decide my own future. Free to do things I like. Free to go out with my friends. Free to choose my suitor.

I am fortunate to have a great degree of freedom in my life. I’ve always been given freedom of choice ever since I was a child. I am blessed to have supportive parents who gave me the space to do the things I love. I remembered of not having any curfew when I was a teenager. My parents had full trust in me. It felt liberating. And now the man I married also gives me freedom. I am free to be myself. I am free to decide what makes me happy. I can’t imagine otherwise. I can’t imagine my life being curtailed by other people’s expectations.

When I was 16, I chose Commerce stream instead of Science although I obtained 6 As in my PMR. Although most parents persuaded their children to go to Science stream, my parents left the choice entirely to me. Albeit the Science stream being the most popular choice, I opted for the Commerce stream which included Additional Maths since I love mathematics.

Although I must admit that at one point in my life I regretted for not going to the Science stream. I then realized that I have a narrower choice in my career options. I love animals. At one juncture in my life, I pondered if I wanted to become a vet. After much soul-searching and reading, I realized I have a keen interest in the study of animal behavior. I might undertake that one day 🙂

I was always treated as an adult mature enough to make decisions. As a result I am confident in navigating the course of my own life. And I have the courage to pursue my dreams. Now that I have a daughter, I am aware that I am giving her enough credibility to be herself and to be free to express herself. And most importantly, to be comfortable in her own skin.

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