My 34th Birthday

I turned 34 today. Time flies. Often, I had to pause and recall my age when someone asks. After 21, age has just been a number to me. I ceased making a point to remember my age, haha! Sometimes it feels as though time had stood still. Except now that I have a family of my own.

Sometimes I get caught up in trying to accomplish something big that I sometimes fail to notice the little things that give life its magic. Now the little miracles give me much deeper meaning to life.

That morning, I went through my gratitude list. And had more to be thankful for. With a baby in the tummy, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

With the passing of each year, my sense and sensibilities had gotten astute. My quest in life now is clearer. Armed with that, I resolve to navigate the course of life with mindfulness and joy.

I wish to remain a hot mama in years to come. With yoga and a balanced lifestyle, I know I’d hit that radar 😉 Blessings!

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