Learning through experience

life_logo_jpegI bring Svadhi to most places I go. She comes with me when I run my errands. To the bus station, pre-natal check-ups, dentist, launderette, to the vet, bank, hair salon, and many more. She often watches the whole process intently and will later ask me questions about it. Her curiosity piqued.

The experience stays with her. Often at odd times, she will bring up our visit to the vet many months ago. She will recall how smelly the compound was and how the vet clipped the dogs’ nails. And the endless questions will come in. One after another. As I narrate to her the job descriptions of a dentist, vet and etc., her eyes will grow wide in amazement. Taking in all and relating it to our visits to those places.

That’s where most of her learning takes place. In the real world. The daily life. She watches everyone performs their tasks. She observes the inter-connectivity of human life. She learns how everyone plays a role in serving others. She takes in the whole experience.

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