Deepavali 2014

When we were little, I used to remember how much fun we had during celebrations like Deepavali. Over time, we allowed the practicalities of adulthood to slowly dilute the joy of festivities. We slowly left out some of the traditions in the name of convenience. Over years, the festival starts to lose its meaning. Of its merriness.

This year, we became that child again. Played and giggled all night long, looking silly while licking the cake batter off the mixer and jumped around swinging sparklers around the house. Just being us again. Bringing the innocence of childhood back into the celebration. Everything else didn’t matter. Today is meant to be relished. I want Svadhi to grow up with these traditions. To grow up with the memories of this celebration and all the wonderful things that came with it. I’ll never forget this Deepavali. Celebrated it to its true essence. A season of joy!

Pravin, my sister was on leave and we had the whole week to celebrate. We got together with our loved ones and feasted for the whole day. Mom cooked a wide spread of scrumptious dishes – mutton dalcha, chicken rendang, mutton perratal, mixed vegetables, egg sambal, thosai, idli and beriyani rice. Ate to my hearts content!

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