embrace-your-differentness1Cultures, tradition, protocols. The first thing that comes to my mind is defiance. I have a tendency to renounce any forms of stipulations that restrict my freedom. I visualize an ideal life full of acceptance. Acceptance of gay relationships, cohabitation, lifestyle choices, etc. Anything that doesn’t cause harm to anyone. The freedom to choose a way of life.

When I find myself accepting a person despite his or her background or what she does for a living, I feel free. I want my child to accept other people just the way they are. To be in any sort of culturally unacceptable position is not a persons fault. To judge a person based on that just robs the unconditional love that a child has for everyone- and it robs the person his or her rights to be themselves. To look beyond someone’s imperfections is what I strive to teach my child.

That’s when I see the divinity within. To be in acceptance. To be free of social stigmas.

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