Imagination without boundaries

As I watched her play with the watercolor, I reminisced on the reason I wanted to home-school her. Right now she’s able to express herself creatively in her own way. I gave her a palette, 2 brushes, 2 watercolors and a white paper and watched what happened. I participated by mixing some water with the color and started painting. I refrained from instructing her what to do. She had her own way. She didn’t even follow mine. That’s when creativity is fully expressed. Without outlining any rules. Because I believe in arts there are no rules. It’s the individual’s expression of him or herself. And at that tender age, the last thing I would want to do is to curtail her imagination. We don’t have to teach our kids to find joy in creating; we have to make sure not to teach them that there’s only one acceptable way to be creative. Creativity cannot be graded.

photo (2)

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