meditationYoga is a form of self exploration, a meditative act. Even with a teacher, it takes time before you learn to listen to your body. Even with a guide and detailed instructions, it’s difficult to get into a new pose while being totally at home with it. To be comfortable and at ease at a particular pose it takes consistent practice and patience.

Over time I came to realize that by relaxing certain muscle groups or by focusing on my core, I could hold the pose with ease and grace. Yoga is not about forcing your body into a pose neither it is a perfectionist art. It takes time to be move in yoga with fluid.

As a self taught, I read and watch videos on yoga on a regular basis. Everyday is a new day for me to explore each muscle in my body. With practice, my body takes me to greater heights every day. Yoga takes me closer to the home of my soul each time I embrace it. I am fortunate to have found yoga, or rather to have yoga find me.

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