What does success mean to me? Over the years, my perception of success has taken on a drastic turn. It’s no longer about money per se. It’s developing my personal self to its highest potential and serving my higher purpose. Attaining financial freedom is one part of the equation. Personal development is the other part.

Being a self-employed has pushed me over my comfort zone. I find myself standing naked with no clue what I’ve gotten myself into. But the voice inside kept telling me trudge on. I did. And that’s the best thing I’ve done to push myself off the limits. I was akin to a clay pot that has to go through extreme heat to transform into a useful and beautiful final product. I had to push my boundaries, fall into depression a couple of times over my gripping fear of the unknown. I am glad I persisted, as now I could see how the whole process has transformed myself.

The other crucial part of the component of success for me is a healthy strong body. For without it everything is futile. So success for me is developing a sound body, mind and spirit. Long lasting success is a combination of all these elements. And it’s always work in progress. It’s a continuous process.

My definition of success is a happy and confident self – it’s a long road of personal development. I seek to better myself everyday by reading self-improvement books, listen to motivational videos, personal development audios, listen to uplifting music, interact with successful and inspirational people, read autobiographies of successful people, etc. I want to make every waking moment of my life to be a better person. I want to strive to live and love to the fullest. I want to reach my highest potential and serve my purpose in this world.

My visualization:

  • I am the founder of a yoga studio overlooking the most picturesque of nature which provides a sanctuary of sort to those who come there for a retreat.
  • I want to go to every part of the world and take photographs of myself in various yoga poses in the most scenic of locations.
  • I want to own a gallery of yoga which displays pictures of myself in different parts of the world performing various yoga poses.
  • I am the owner of the most rustic bakery which exudes a warm homely ambience in every nook and corner, serving the most wholesome and delicious home-made goodness.
  • I want to see smiles and joy on the faces of children in rural areas of India and Africa for having their basic necessities in life met.
  • I want to found a foundation which will support and enhance the lives of these children for generations to come.
  • I want to give them education and provide long-lasting change in their lives. That will be my ultimate purpose.
  • I also want to teach these children yoga. On how to fall back to the practice of yoga when life throws them challenges.

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