Yoga and I

When my best friend re-introduced me to yoga in October 2012, little did I imagine that it will be an integral part of my life. Albeit yoga being the most difficult form of workout I have done so far, it has be the best total body workout for me. It’s holistic nature which binds the body, mind and the breath is worth the initial pain of getting into a specific pose. When I look back, all the groaning and huffing and puffing when I first started practicing yoga seems hilarious now.

Now when I look back, yoga has been the best investment I’ve made in myself. I am glad I didn’t give up when the practice became unbearable at first. I am grateful I persevered in this practice to start reaping the benefits. Like any other investments we make in life, yoga is a long term commitment. The benefits are not immediate. It requires consistent effort and persistence. Over time the investment pays off in terms of a leaner and fit body, calmer and focused mind and being attuned to the breath – the very essence of life.

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