The other day as I sat in the garden, I imagined bringing Svadhi to a salon and have her hair trimmed. I could envision her protesting and saying “I don’t want to cut my hair!”. Then I realized how she has always been given a choice ever since she could understand language. I’ve always given her a choice, do you prefer this one or this? Making simple decisions about what to wear, what to eat when we dine out and her hairstyle had given her tremendous self confidence.

Being asked to make a decision often has her pausing, thinking and reflecting on what she truly wants. A skill that is so important for confidence building. It gives her the power to decide what she wants for herself – starting from small decisions which will equip her to make bigger decisions later in her life. Having developed the skills to decide on simple things will give her the courage to course through life and make difficult decisions at some point of time.

I often marvel at how decisive she is when asked to make a choice: she’s confident and sticks with her decision. It’s so unlike me – I often ask my husband to help me to decide on trivial matters. I am so fickle-minded. But she knows exactly what she wants and sticks with it. I like to ask her: Are you sure you want this one? This one is nicer. But she will not budge from her choice no matter how much I try to convince her to opt for the other one. And she never regrets from her choice. It’s so amazing to watch her.


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