Striking conversations

The other day I found her outside engaging in a serious conversation with a neighbour who was walking her dog. I stood there and listened. I was surprised to hear her speak so confidently to a lady she has never spoken to. She spoke with posture and flair. I was impressed! What marvelled me the most is her ability to ask the lady so many questions. She was basically interviewing the lady and the lady was more than happy to answer all her questions. In fact the lady seemed so flattered that a little girl is so interested in her.

Most often than not in today’s world we are more interested to talk about ourselves than wanting to know how the others are doing or feeling. Svadhi did the exact opposite. She was genuinely interested in getting to know the lady. I was surprised at how long the conversation took place. The lady grew fond of her and always look forward to talking to her again. She remarked how mature she speaks for her age. She seemed to be so comfortable asking questions and getting to know another person. That’s a life skill which is not taught in schools. I believe in cultivating confidence in the child and let them grow into themselves without imposing our own self-limiting thoughts in them.

Seen here with her cousin Yuvnaa

Seen here with her cousin Yuvnaa

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