A couple of years ago I bought some puzzles for Svadhi. It sat there gathering dust. That’s because I never took it out to explore with her. One day, she found the puzzles and excitedly brought it to me. She asked me what is it and how to do it. I opened it up and started doing it. With lots of conscious effort, I refrained myself from teaching her how to solve it. I just started doing it and she watched me intently. The second time round, she said she wants to try to do it. I said ok and stepped back and watched her. Again I tried so hard not to intervene and help her solve it. When she is really stuck, she asked for my assistance. I helped her find the right piece and fitted it in the right place. She watched as I did this. I didn’t give her any instructions.

As I watched her solve the puzzle, it dawned upon that she has her own way of solving it. If I had taught her how to do it then she would have just followed my way. It would have been my way not hers. It was so interesting to watch her engrossed in solving the puzzles. Without any instructions, she is forced to think and explore many different ways of solving it. It’s an excellent problem solving skills. Needless to say she got hooked to puzzles.

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