At times when I practice cultural and social norms I find myself being hard on my child. At times, I get washed by the current trend of grooming our child to be the smartest person, to be the person with the highest manner, etc. Every time I do that, something inside me signals me that I am on an unfamiliar territory – straying away from my beliefs and values. I stop in my tracks and take a good look at what I am doing or imposing on my daughter.

So what if she doesn’t say ‘please’. I am touched when I watch her cringe at another person’s sufferings. So what if she speaks in a certain way – when all I know is that she has a heart full of love and acceptance or when I watch her sharing her food with another person. If all that she is doing comes from the bottom of her heart and she means everything she says and does, who cares about the politically or socially correct speech. When she has a heart full of love and be able to empathize with another person’s suffering, then I am rest assured she will lead a life that will benefit others.

Too often I find myself saving my face in public and reprimanding her for not saying something that doesn’t come from the bottom of her heart. I am being a conformist – and I want to get out of that cycle! I must trust that she is growing into her best self.

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