Yoga, smoothies and meditation

Yoga, smoothies and meditation are the three core changes I have incorporated into my daily routine. It has been a transformative journey so far with this three core habits in my lifestyle.

I practice 1 hour of yoga at least three times a week. Yoga has made this pregnancy a much more pleasant experience. Physically, I have no back pain or extreme swelling on my feet. I move with ease, grace and flexibility. I am enjoying this pregnancy much more because of yoga. Emotionally, I am more grounded and centered. I am able to better handle mood swings caused by the hormonal changes. I am now more aware of my body than I have ever before. Spiritually, I feel more connected to my inner self. Though meditation is a part of yoga, I feel more centered after sitting still in silence for 30 minutes. I feel the energy centers (chakra) opening up and being filled with a bright white light. It’s an amazing feeling.

Starting my morning with a big jug of freshly blended smoothie is one of the best things I do for my body. I can feel the cells in my body rejoicing after being filled with all the fresh natural ingredients packed with nutrients. I feel more alive and raring to go after a glass of smoothie. It’s so refreshing.

I am thankful for these rituals. I feel great, more grounded and energized.


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