No shortcuts

There are no shortcuts in life.

If you want a healthy bode, if you want to feel strong and fit, work out and eat well for a lifelong result. No shortcuts. I found yoga a year ago and have been practicing it ever since. It has become a part of me. Whatever workout works for you, do it passionately. Not with the work-my-ass-off-to-burn-fat type of mindset. But instead embrace it as part of your lifestyle. It’d be a lifelong change.

There is no such thing as a shortcut. If you want to be physically fit, you will have to do the work; quick fad diets are not the answer, and this goes for any goals. Put in the work and you will reap great personal rewards.

If you want to be successful, focus, work hard, and persevere. No other way around.

If you want to have a family and keep it, invest time and energy in it. Bear the pain and discomfort of carrying a child and bringing him/her into the world. Together with all the responsibilities that come with parenting. Deal with the discomforts of having to deal with marital issues. Communicate openly and persevere to nourish the relationship. No shortcuts.

Too often we are inundated with marketing companies offering short-cut solutions to life’s major building blocks – health, family and work. This has only steered us away from the simple and straightforward ways of doing things. That is to be in our primal state.

Advertisements constantly bombard us with “miracle” cures: “Eat nothing but protein to lose weight and feel great!” or “Take this miracle pill to shed stress and pounds”. Or in some Eastern tradition, people believe in chanting verses and they are healed – without having to exercise or eating well. At some point we’ve all fallen for these empty promises. Deep down we all know that they don’t work in the long run. Yet people continue to search for quick fixes to lifelong struggles – be it losing weights, making more money, or finding true happiness. The root of the problem remains unaddressed.

There are no shortcuts. And there are no hard ways. It’s what our mind perceives it as. To be in the most natural state of doing and achieving things – that’s our primal instinct. When we over-think and devise ways to come out with shortcuts, we are then plagued with the never ending cycle of denial and continuous search. We trick our mind into believing that shortcuts work. And this gives room for marketing companies to rake in millions if not billions of dollar on gullible customers promising them there are shortcuts. There are no shortcuts. Just do it. Period.


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