The birth story of Aashvi

I went for my routine prenatal checkup at the Melaka General Hospital on 8th May (the date I am supposed to be due). No signs of labor. The doctor did a vaginal examination and informed me that the cervix has not softened. The ultrasound revealed that the estimated size of the baby is between 3.7 to 3.9. I was shocked! The doctor advised that natural birth may not be possible especially since I had a history of c-section for the first birth. I was crushed. I was really hoping to go for natural delivery this time around.

As the doctor sat down and explained to me the risk of vaginal delivery of a big baby, I sat there dumbstruck not knowing how to react. I was ecstatic when the baby’s head was down towards the second trimester. But I was not prepared for this. The doctor went on and asked me which day I’d prefer for a scheduled c-section. I couldn’t decide. Upon seeing my reaction to the news, she did another scan to estimate the size of the baby just to double check. She concluded that the baby is definitely within the 3.5 to 4 kg estimate. She said ultimately it’s up to me if I’d still want to try for a vaginal delivery.

At that point, I was riddled with doubt. I went back home and couldn’t sleep that night. The next day (Friday) I went to see Dr. Vishnu (my previous gynecologist) to get his second opinion on the size of the baby. I know he would suggest for me to go for C-section as he did previously. He said the baby is big and advised me to go for a C-section immediately as I am already past my due date and I could go into labor anytime. I said I needed time to go back home and talk to my husband. We finally decided to go for a scheduled C-section on Saturday morning.

The whole process seemed like clockwork. I did my best to relax and take it easy. Deep breathing and visualizing did the trick for me. Before I know it, I heard the loud cry of my little princess. Tears of joy filled my eyes. The feeling is indescribable. This time I get to hear the first cry of my baby. It’s priceless.

Introducing Adalia Aashvi born on 10 May 2014, weighing 3.65 kg, length 56 cm:

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