Raising a strong-willed child


This child of mine is so special in her own ways. She’s stubborn, insists on doing it her way and very independent. Often times I marvel at her willpower albeit she can drive me up the wall at times. She reminds me so much of myself. I know she will succeed in whatever she does, because quitting is not in her dictionary. I remind myself not to break that will of hers just to keep her in my way of doing things. My way is not necessarily the right or the best way for her. She often comes up with innovative ways of doing things. I have to consciously draw a boundary on what is allowed and acceptable in our household without being too overbearing. Allowing her to make simple decisions gives her immense satisfaction and confidence. This child of mine will go very far in life. I will be there to remind her to have fun and be happy as who she is regardless of external conditions.

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