8 things I practiced during my confinement

I just delivered my second daughter via a c-section. The healing process was a painful process but I took this opportunity to know better about myself and to practice self-reflection/introspection. 8 reasons why I was calmer during my second confinement:

1. I remember to take deep breaths and be mindful of every inhale and exhale. When I practice deep breathing, I let go of all stress and relax every cells in my body. It feels good!

2. Basking in the present moment and enjoying every bit of it.

3. Counting my blessings daily. By practicing gratitude I started looking at life in its totality.

4. Visualization for self healing.

5. To take as much rest as I could. Keeping the house clean and neat is no longer a number one priority.

6. Stretch as much as I could.

7. Eating well and mindfully, enjoying every morsel of food.

8. Reminding myself that this is a temporary phase and to enjoy this moment with my newborn. Soon I will be back in full throttle again.


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