Life’s lesson


The other day when I was having a conversation with my youngest sister, I said something that I latter realized was profound. I told her that life has it’s ups and downs. If she can accept that then she will be alright.

When its a happy moment, we often wish and hope that it last forever. But the reality is that everything changes. Neither does the happy nor the not-so-happy moments last forever. When it’s a happy situation, revel in it. We should rejoice and savor the moment to its fullest. When there’s an unpleasant experience, we all must have our own coping mechanism to brace for the change when the storm hits. We shouldn’t expect for the worse, but we should learn to embrace it when it comes. And learn to cope in our own way. If we all can do that, then we will be fine.

Good times or bad times, be grateful nevertheless. Believe that everything that comes to our life has something to teach us. External circumstance can go in or against our favor. But if we can remain calm and centered within, whatever comes cannot shake or break us. When something doesn’t happen according to our plans or expectations, learn to see that it’s there to teach us something. Don’t fight it. Accept and surrender. And resolve to be the best person you can be. Growing and learning along the way. So that when you leave this world, you would have understood the meaning of life.

When you are able to accept this, you will start looking at other people with an eye of compassion. Everyone has to walk through this path of life. Sometimes it’s path is filled with roses sometimes it’s thorny. It all depends on how we look at it.


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