Monthly goals


Why did I start setting monthly goals:
1. Because I realized life is too fleeting to let it slip by.
2. I want to fully experience life – not with half-opened eyes. Setting goals will deliberately enable me to savor life to its fullest.
3. Goals enable me to do some soul-searching to determine what do I really want in life.
4. Setting goals enable me to ask the right kind of questions: what, who, where, and when. And leave the how to the universe.
5. Enables me to push myself pass my comfort zones. To push the limits of my mind, body and spirit.
6. It helps me to make every day and every moment count.
7. To remind me that it’s alright if I didn’t complete a goal as long as I am moving forward and challenge myself along the way.
8. It’s a great way to track my progress.
9. Enables me to consciously live a life of purpose.
10. It helps me to review my life.
11. Goals are there to get me moving in the direction of my dreams even if it means I have to drag myself to do that 250 squats. Even during the days when I don’t feel like doing anything, goals are there to remind me that I should just do it to live a life of meaning and purpose.

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