Scars and healing


Largely self-inflicted through unmet expectations and the remaining through the power I gave to the people very close to my heart. The words spoken and actions taken. The hurt is like a stabbing pain in the heart. The worst part of it all was being ignored in that vulnerable and hurt state. At times I feel like I am floating on a still water. At other times I feel like a drowning soul gaping for air. By coming face to face with pain and dealing with it has taught me a lesson or two. I could run but I couldn’t hide. It was a direct confrontation with emotional pain. Right in my face. I prayed for numbness.

All that hurt and pain over the years have made me into who I am today. I know now that no matter what happens I will be alright. That I am stronger than I thought I was. That I can overcome anything and still stand tall. Every other challenge seems trivial now. All the scars have given me this new self. A self that knows no bounds and ready to take on the world. I have my duties to fulfill. Here I come, world.

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