Some of our habits are so deeply ingrained within us that if we don’t make a conscious attempt to notice it, we will not even be aware of its presence in us. Thus the first step towards change is being aware of what needs to be changed in the first place.

It took me a long time to realize I was getting addicted to Facebook before I made a conscious attempt to break free from my addiction. I also acknowledged the fact that my addiction does not define me. It is something that I have unconsciously included in my daily habits.

Habits are almost impossible to change if we are not aware that we have allowed the habits to control us. Habits that impede our potential for growth. Habits that distract us from heading towards our dreams and aspirations.

Thus the first step is noticing habits that prevents us from being our best self. Then take small measures to form new habits that we know will aid us in our path towards our goals. The key is taking baby steps because just as it took a long time to break free from our old habits, it takes equally as long a time to ingrain a new habit into our lifestyle. The trick to changing a habit is to just get started. You can’t let perfection be your #1 enemy! However hard it may seem to change, take comfort into knowing that these new habits will be the catalyst towards your path of the life you dream of.

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