My birthday


Life lessons from 35 years of living on this earth:
1. Life has it’s ups and downs. If I can accept this, I’ll be alright.
2. Being selfless and selfish requires some balancing act. Veering too far off either side of the scale has undesirable outcomes.
3. It’s better to be silent than to say something which I might regret. Learning to bite my tongue when someone has said something hurtful has taught me patience and self control.
4. I have to deal and heal from my past hurts. Only then I’d be able to move on with greater ease.
5. One of the best habits I’ve cultivated is practicing yoga and meditation.
6. Everyone have their own issues and struggles. It’s important to remember this when someone makes mistakes so that I’d be more forgiving and show some compassion.
7. Practicing mindfulness has helped me to enjoy being in the present moment. I started noticing the beauty around me and appreciating them exactly as what they are.
8. By accepting my loved ones as who they are without the compulsive urge to change them has liberated me from expectations and disappointments.
9. When something bothers my mind, I repeat this mantra: let go, accept and move on. Saying this to myself has enabled me to deal with emotional pain at a higher level of consciousness.
10. When my mind starts racing and the chatter inside my head spirals out of control, I close my eyes and imagine floating away from my body into a vast space. Then I could see how my mind is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. This ritual gives me a shift in perspective.

Here’s a toast to myself to stay healthy, calm and joyful 🙂 May the divine light within me continues shining brightly.

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