The first step towards change is awareness. How can we change something that we are not even aware is there. How to be aware? Sit in stillness at least 20 minutes everyday. Start with 5 minutes first then progress. When you are still you will be able to observe your thoughts. What are the thoughts that are holding you back in life? What are the thought patterns that keep you from living the life you want? Observe it first. Don’t judge. Just sit as an observer. Then embrace those thoughts. Realize that thoughts are not you. It’s a process you’ve been conditioned over the years. You start believing in your thoughts even though it does not serve you any good.

Then replace the negative thoughts into positive. It takes conscious and consistent practice to integrate new thought process. But it’s worth it. It will enable you to live a life filled with joy, acceptance and freedom. The power of change is within you. Only you hold the key to your freedom. It starts with changing your thought processes. Observe, embrace and replace. You will start seeing transformative changes within you and to everything around you. You will start being an agent for positive changes.

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