Deepavali 2014

One of my earliest childhood memories is the annual spring cleaning a few weeks before Deepavali. My brother and I will play in our make-believe tunnel of mattress wedged against the wall. We loved helping our parents scrub the floor of the house and then later ‘swim’ in the pool of water. We loved the baking sessions especially when it came to licking off the batter from the mixer and the beater after my mom is done.

This year was one of the best Deepavalis we’ve had in a very long time. On the eve of Deepavali, we went to the Indian street at Jalan Bendahara to do some last minute shopping and then headed to the famous wantan mee place near Bukit Cina. After dinner, we played firecrackers way past midnight. On Deepavali day, we were blessed with scrumptious home-cooked meal. My mom is the best cook ever! Every year I look forward to her thosai with chicken rendang and sambal. In the afternoon, we played Charade and didn’t stop until dinner time. I will cherish this Deepavali for years to come 🙂

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