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Unidentified insect

We found this unidentified ‘insect’ on our living room couch and couldn’t figure out what it is. It looks like a pupa but with a woody-like exterior.

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Pravin’s birthday

This gallery contains 2 photos.

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Kumar’s visit

My cousin Kumar is from Coimbatore, India. He accompanied my dad back and stayed for a short visit. He has a big heart and filled with humility. We look forward to visit him and his family soon in India.

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Karmic cycle

I wish to consciously break free from my karmic cycle. The cycle that has been ingrained in my family from one generation to another. If I don’t take conscious effort to change this cycle, my future generations will continually be … Continue reading

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Deepavali 2014

One of my earliest childhood memories is the annual spring cleaning a few weeks before Deepavali. My brother and I will play in our make-believe tunnel of mattress wedged against the wall. We loved helping our parents scrub the floor … Continue reading

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Thea and Aashvi

Thea and Aashvi – 5 months apart 🙂

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Thought patterns

When I catch myself having negative thoughts, I stop and ask myself these questions: How does this thought serve me in the long run? Does this thought lead me to the life I want to be living? Do I want … Continue reading

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Svadhi’s 4th year birthday

We celebrated Svadhi’s 4th year birthday party at Domino’s Pizza, Melaka. The party was graced with the presence of our family members. Our little girl is growing into a beautiful young girl who has her own ideas and opinions of … Continue reading

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When you are able to accept someone wholeheartedly for who he or she is, only then you will start witnessing transformation. Miraculous changes start happening. No one is set in stone.

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Coping mechanism

After every discord, I find myself spiraling into emotional turbulence. The mental chatter becomes louder almost audible. I feel my heart beating faster. The blame game starts to re-enact itself in my head. Everything seems to be falling apart. Then I close … Continue reading

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