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Family lunch @ our apartment

We had a mini gathering at our humble abode. It was fun and fulfilling to watch the children play together. Joy fills every corner of my heart 🙂

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Sharveen’s 21st Birthday Party

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Hiking the Bukit Beruang Hill

Hiking the Bukit Beruang Hill on a Saturday morning with a toddler and baby in tow. The morning air was crisp and cool. It was tough persuading Svadhi to climb till the top as she was complaining that her leg … Continue reading

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Aashvi in a dress

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Aashvi in a party dress 🙂

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Love is…

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Home is where the heart is. We have moved many times and we still have yet to have our own house. But I’ve come to accept that home is wherever we are with our loved ones. This is a place … Continue reading

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Quote ~Not everybody will like you~

Not Everybody Will Like You Disapproving Faces by Madisyn Taylor Not everybody we meet will like us and it is ok to move into acceptance rather than trying to make somebody like you. It is not necessarily a pleasant experience, … Continue reading

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Aashvi and I

These photos were taken by my dear Svadhi. The first one was candid 😉

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8 things I am grateful for

I am happy to be alive. I am happy to be breathing. I am happy that I am given this life to live and love. I am happy I have a family. I am happy I know what I want … Continue reading

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Svadhi and Aashvi

My children make my day. Despite the challenges of being a parent, I can’t imagine a life without them. They push me out of my boundaries and at the same time fill my life with pride and joy.

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