7 things I gained from disconnecting from Facebook

Recently after a chain of events I decided to take a hiatus from Facebook. I realized I was addicted to Facebook. The information overload started to overwhelm me. When my friends ask me why I deactivated my Facebook account, I smile and say that I need a break from being continuously inundated with the social media information. When the idea cropped up a few months earlier to deactivate my account, I resisted it for the fear of being left out. I thought I’d miss out on important information. Now I realize I could do without all those information uploaded on the Facebook. I decided to take control of the information that I want to see or read. So instead of being flooded with unwanted information on the social media, I sieve and filter information that which I wish to read. I only read columns in the newspaper on information which I need for my teaching; stuffs like economics and finance.

The following are 7 things I gained from breaking free from the grips of social media:

  1. I spend more mindful time with my family and friends instead of constantly checking my Facebook updates.
  2. I get to do the things I’ve always put off due to the reason of having no time. The time I used surfing Facebook is now better used for things I enjoy doing like writing, meditation and yoga.
  3. I feel more calm, centered and peaceful. All those information overload had been affecting me subconsciously.
  4. I have more control over my time now. As a result, I feel more energized and responsible on how I spend my time. I feel more empowered now that I know I have control over how I want to live my life. Every moment counts.
  5. When I find myself having nothing to do, I sit in silence and do contemplative reflection. This gives me fresh and new perspectives on life.
  6. I get to practice mindfulness meditation. I learned how to break free from a habit that I was addicted for so long that didn’t serve me any greater purpose. Every time the urge of checking my Facebook arises, I watch the thought and let it go. On few occasions I did give in to that urge and the feeling is not great. Eventually, I realized the power is within me to make a lasting change that will aid me in living the life I want to live.
  7. I derived a sense of liberation after disconnecting from the social media. It’s as if the dark clouds had been lifted and the constant noise is silenced. I dance and laugh more now. I get to stop and marvel at nature’s work. I started noticing the beauty around me. Inspirations come to me in ways I never imagined before.
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