What’s the hurry?

I used to rush through everything. From the time I wake up, it’d be a go-go-go momentum. I rush my kids. I rush my husband. I rush myself.

One fine day I decided to pause and this question came to me: What’s the hurry? What is the extra 10 minutes of saved time going to do? What’s the point of rushing when I don’t get to enjoy the journey? Will this state of hurry ever end? I guess not. A wave of realization hit me hard. That I am forgetting to enjoy this journey I am blessed with.

Nowadays I find myself enjoying the car ride with my baby daughter. The route heading towards the babysitter’s house is scenic with rows of oil palm plantation and trees lined along the road. I can’t believe I rushed through this road and missed all this beauty around me. I wind the car window down and enjoy the fresh cool morning air. I hear the birds singing and the sound of the vehicles passing by me. Joy fills every corner of my heart. By slowing down, I make this journey count. Every moment is magical. This is exactly where I want to be. Whenever the urge to rush comes in, I watch it and smile and ask: what’s the hurry?

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