Right now I am invigilating for a midterm examination. I look outside and was delighted to see the clear blue sky and the trees swaying to the rhythm of the wind. The wind outside and the swaying trees beckons me. I sense every cell within me wants to spread the joy and happiness of being alive to witness the miracles of life. Nature is so amazing. I only started fully experiencing the beauty of nature when I began to slow down and just be present with nature. I don’t recall being so in awe of the simplest thing like the sky. Looking at the sky makes me so happy I can’t describe in words. It makes me smile the moment I step out of the house. It makes me calm and centered and realize there’s a greater force out there governing everything. Looking at the sky gives me a sense of perspective too; that whatever problems I am having is minuscule compared to the infinite potential that the sky portrays.

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